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February 14, 2016 Comments (0) Turkey Hunting

Turkey Hunting Safety

turkey hunting safety

The first rule of hunting is always safety and in this case turkey hunting safety.

Turkey hunting is an excellent option for beginners looking to get into the sport of hunting. Turkey hunting is action packed and full of excitement making it the perfect option for beginners looking for something to keep their attention. In order to safely and effectively hunt turkeys there are a few key things to remember in order to keep yourself and other hunters’ safe while afield.

Cover your back

With today’s turkey calling technologies you not only have the ability to fool that wary Tom hung up on the other side of the ridge, but you have the definite possibility of pulling in that unknowing hunter looking for the same action as you! When you find the spot you plan to set up on that incoming turkey, look for a large, wide diameter tree that can cover your back while sitting against the trunk. This will allow for two things: it will break up your silhouette, ever increasing your camouflage for the turkeys as well as protecting your back from the hunter taking a shot from behind you. A very basic and easy step for Turkey Hunting safety.

Red, White and Blue

You may think leaving home without your lucky handkerchief is a cardinal sin; however, pulling out your lucky handkerchief to clear your nose in the field may lead to more than what you bargained for. The colors of the head of a turkey are red, white and blue, resulting in unwanted attention from the trigger happy hunter. If for some reason you just have to have your lucky handkerchief with you while turkey hunting, leave your star spangled banner napkin at home and opt out for an orange or green snot rag!

Target Positive

Chasing after turkeys, especially in the spring time, has its advantages and disadvantages. The amount of newly sprouted vegetation provides great concealment from turkeys, but also other hunters alike. Before you even think about looking down the barrel of your gun, you need to be 100% positive you know exactly what you are aiming at and what may be in the backdrop of your intended target. Rushing over a ridge with gun in tote as you watch a mature tom stroll through the brush will be tempting for the itchy trigger finger to pop off a round, but it could just be Old Mr. Rusty picking up his turkey decoy heading back to the truck. Always ensure that you are 100% positive before ever pulling that trigger.

Turkey hunting can be action packed and full of excitement, making it a great option for introducing new hunters to the world of hunting. There are many precautions we must take into consideration prior to hitting the woods looking for those wary birds. Utilize large diameter trees for your safety and concealment, leave your American flag handkerchief at home, and always be 100% positive on what you are aiming at and what may be in the backdrop. Nothing can ruin a turkey hunt faster than hearing shot ricochet off the branches next to you with poor turkey hunting safety.  Hunt smart, have fun and most of all hunt safe!


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