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Turkey Fanning- 3 Things we Need to KnowBasic Huntsman | Grow the Hunt
turkey hunting safety

Turkey Hunting Safety

March 11, 2016 Comments (0) Turkey Hunting

Turkey Fanning- 3 Things we Need to Know

Turkey fanning

Turkey fanning has made a major comeback as a hunting methodology and here is what you need to know.

A while back we got this idea that we wanted to switch up our turkey hunting season and try turkey fanning. Although relatively new to the mainstream of hunting media it’s a tradition that goes very far back. Nevertheless we all have a lot of questions about fanning turkeys so we caught up with Will Downard founder of Turkey Fan to go over the 3 big questions about turkey fanning.

Is Fanning Turkeys Safe?

This is a lot of people’s question out the gate and understandably so, as safety should always be the first concern in hunting. Will had some solid guidelines that he suggested and adheres by, opening the statement by saying “as long as you use it responsibly it’s safer than traditional turkey hunting”.

1. You need to be clearly visible on 3 sides when using the Turkey Fan: from behind and on both sides, making the only questionable direction in front of you. By only deploying the fan when live birds are in front of you, your best awareness of other hunters comes from the birds them selves.
2. You should only have the fan deployed for live birds you are stalking directly in front of you.
3. Use it in open terrain.
4. Do not sneak up on or stalk “calls”, only visible live birds.
5. Be just as aware and responsible on private land as public land.
6. As in all hunting, be aware of your surroundings, and the use of common sense and responsible sporting can make this technique safer than traditional standards. Its also important to note that as fanning is becoming more popular than ever, always remember someone else may be out there using a fan also, so first and foremost, always identify your target and beyond before pulling the trigger.

Does Turkey Fanning Work?

From first hand experience I will say yes it works. Last year I tagged birds in two states that fell victim to fanning tactics in under 15 minutes. The most impressive part for me was that one bird had proved to be near impossible to kill for myself, as well as a bunch of other local hunters on a piece of state property. Once I introduced the turkey fan into the mix things turned in my favor in moments once the big Tom saw the deployed turkey fan.
Maybe Will is a bit bias on the subject, but creating Turkey Fan was in of itself a commitment to something he believed in. The internet is full of first hand videos and success stories of fanning from all parts of the country. Although I have yet to have this method fail me, like all things I am sure there are moment’s it is not fool proof.
According to Will, the Turkey Fanning method will increase the success rate of traditional hunting from 20% to 70%. “Using the right method and decoy that has natural movement to it, such as the TurkeyFan can increase those odds even more.”

Should I Try It?

Basic Huntsman will certainly be the first to say you should try anything and learn the knowledge first hand. Whether you use it as a tactic after that or not is truly up to your own judgement. Hunting is not a “sport” in the classic sense but rather a natural evolution of predator and prey. Our quarry will adapt to our methods forcing us to adapt with them. It is one of the greatest appeals of hunting and for that we suggest that you add fanning to your arsenal of turkey hunting tricks.
Will from Turkey Fan put it like this. “If you want a chance to experience a dominant Tom running in, gobbling, spitting, and drumming so close you can feel the vibrations, as he tries to intimidate you with only a thin turkey fan between you and him. Then turkey fanning is the only way to go.”

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