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June 24, 2015 Comments (0) Turkey Hunting

Friction Call Basics

For thousands of Turkey hunters across the country the friction call is a simple and effective Turkey call that anyone can pick up and learn how to use. Friction calls come in many shapes and forms but the two most common friction calls are the Box call and Pot call. The Box call is a rectangular wooden box with a sliding handle, or “paddle” that uses friction across the bottom of the paddle and top of the box to create an array of Turkey sounds. The Pot call is a small circular slate mainly consisting of slate, glass, metal or plastic that is “striked” with a wooden striker creating various Turkey sounds. Both the Box and Pot call use the basis of friction and vibration to create tones and sounds imitating Turkeys.

The Box call is a great beginner friendly Turkey call due to the fact of the simplicity of its design. By moving the sliding paddle across the top of the box, friction between the paddle and box create various tones that with practice can be highly effective in calling Turkeys into range.  Box calls are a great tool for its ability to produce a little extra volume when needing to reach out to that Turkey far away. Box calls can be used to create hen yelps, clucking, cutting and purrs. One downside of a box call is that it is a relatively larger call that needs to be carried securely to make sure it does not create unwanted noises. By wrapping the Box call with multiple rubber bands, or securing it in a Box call sleeve, you can avoid the potential for unwanted noises. Lastly Box calls require two handed operation resulting in the need to put the call away to get ready for a shot.

The Pot call is another highly effective Turkey call however it takes more practice for proper technique in comparison to a Box call. The Pot call is another tool that many Turkey hunters use in their arsenal when they need to create softer, quieter calls for those wary turkeys that may be hung up out of range. The Pot call fits in the palm of your hand in which a wooden or plastic striker is pulled across the face of the call creating friction between the slate and striker. Pot calls can create all the same calls as a box call however they are ideal for use in situations when a quieter call is needed. Pot calls are an excellent tool to use however, like the box call they require both hands for proper usage. Unlike Box calls, Pot calls are able to be stored without the worry of unwanted noises.

Both the Box and Pot calls are highly effective, beginner friendly Turkey calls that can be quickly learned to call Turkeys into range. Take time to research which calls best suite your needs, but remember that learning the techniques of both the Box and Pot calls will only increase your probability of success.

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