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Top 3 Game Animals for Beginner Hunters

beginner hunters

These are the best 3 game animals for beginner hunters.

Being a beginner hunter is not an easy task without being pointed in the right direction. There are in fact a lot of moving parts involved in a commitment to this age old tradition, but not all hunts, or game animals for that matter, are created equal. Here we bring you the best game animals for beginner hunters. Hunts that offer fast paced action to help graduate us to whatever our next hunting challenge may be.

Wild Turkey

Turkey hunting is a very exciting and interactive place to begin. Personally, I would say it is the game animal of choice for any beginning hunters, and the species I take new people into hunting out to hunt. Experiencing the thunder of a Tom only 20 yards away is one of best ways for people to feel the true excitement and passion of the outdoors.  Sitting long hours waiting, like in deer hunting, can seem a little difficult for someone not yet experienced in other game.

The idea of being able to interact with turkeys through calling, rather than larger hunting quarry like white-tailed deer, make it enjoyable with minimal commitment and effort. Although turkey hunting is not easy, the experience will always leave you wanting more. I still suggest finding a mentor or hunting buddy to help show and understand some basic theories like calling, roosting, and set up.

American Woodcock

Although there are not Woodcock in every part of the country, in places they are, they again can be a very fast passed experience, even without the use of dogs. One of the most appealing aspects of hunting Woodcock is you do not have to be in the woods for first light: you can sleep in and then head out with good success. When a migration comes though (which depends on where you are in the country) you will be sure to find yourself cranking more shotgun cartridges than you can carry.

The way woodcock bounce from one flush to the next can give you multiple opportunities at the same bird allowing for great practice wingshooting. To get into this game species you will need to find good hunting cover and have a universal shotgun that we suggest loading with #8 size shot and the widest spreading choke you can find (refer to How to Choose Bird Shot and Choosing a Bird Gun).

Like in any hunting sports you should seek a mentor to help show you the ropes when it comes to these exciting fast paced game.


That’s right, squirrel. Do not down this game species. Despite what your preconceived notion may be about eating squirrel, they are delicious. States vary on the type of squirrel to hunt and the seasons to do so, so check with your local game laws before going out. Spending a day afield and trying to score a nice dinner really gives you sense of satisfaction and the totality of the hunting lifestyle. Again, depending on your states laws, a decent shotgun, or rimfire rifle, the right choke and ammo, and you are in the game.

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