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December 30, 2015 Comments (0) Deer Hunting, Deer Hunting Gear

Does Scent Control Matter?

Years ago when writing my book ‘The Urban Deer Complex’ I took a different approach to this topic. Many spend the time to try and argue a science that’s for the most part very loose. With that in mind my short answer to the question does scent control matter is “Yes”. So what are my reasons?

In The Urban Deer Complex I talk about hunting being a game of odds. The more you play the more the chance to score. I specifically use the example of blackjack. In a casino the smallest mount of odds. A .1% advantage over the house (or advantage over you) makes the difference between long term success. So what does this have to do with scent control?

Well to be straight I probably can not give you a scientific controlled study that says scent control increases your chances by a specific amount. What I can tell you is that yes it does matter, and in some cases more than ever. Even if it’s as basic as a 1% advantage it is worth your time an effort to add scent control into your routines.

As a fanatical scent control practitioner I will never dismiss using the wind as the most important factor in scent control. But even the most seasoned hunters can make poor calls with the wind or often as Mother Nature loves her unpredictability, we fall victim to the weather. As a hunter I like to reduce chance and cover my bases- hence my scent control ritual.

So next time you look at the advertising for scent control or the product on the shelf at your local sporting goods store keep that in mind. At the end of the day that small chance can very well make the difference between a successful harvest or not.

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