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Basic Huntsman is the original source for becoming a hunter! It is a neutral platform free from politics, religion, and beliefs. Basic Huntsman is about lifestyle and our growth as a community to share the knowledge of the oldest human tradition. This site is full of all sorts of resources to help streamline and assist your new adventure as a hunter. We offer a safe platform for those that want a chance to learn and grow with the sustainable hunting movement. Please feel free to send us requests on topics and any question you may want. There is not such thing as  bad question here only the ones that do not get asked.

Interactive Discussion Boards

Be sure to sign up for the discussion boards that are geared for new hunters to ask questions, and get relevant answers. This important unique feature not only allows you to engage the veteran hunters ready to assist you but an opportunity to share first hand beginner experiences to further all our knowledge on hunting.


Hunters Safety Courses

In order to become a hunter, one must first take a hunters safety course. These state run courses not only give you a wealth of information about the outdoors, it is the first real step to show you are series about putting you local meat market out of business. The link below will bring you to each states relevant information.


Hunting Licenses

Each year millions of dollars are generated by hunters to fun the protection and conservation of wildlife. Hunting licenses are a critical key component to that funding. Follow the link below to find your state and hunting license information. (Most state require a hunter safety course completion before purchasing a license.)


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