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Wind Direction

There’s No Substitute for Wind Direction

October 25, 2016 Comments (0) Deer Hunting, Scent Control

Wind Direction is just one of those things that can never be replaced in deer hunting. When we walk into a pizza shop we smell the aroma of pizza, maybe french fries or even some feta cheese topping a salad. On the contrary, if a whitetail were to walk into a pizza shop, they would

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Archery Hunter October 25, 2016

3 Things I Learned as an Archery Hunter from my...

I take very seriously my skills as an archery hunter.  In fact, I shoot my bows all

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first tree stand September 7, 2016

First Tree Stand- 5 Things We Need to Know Before...

Setting up our first tree stands can be a bit intimidating. Now, we are not talking

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Turkey fanning

Turkey Fanning- 3 Things we Need to Know

March 11, 2016 Comments (0) Turkey Hunting

Turkey fanning has made a major comeback as a hunting methodology and here is what you need to know. A while back we got this idea that we wanted to switch up our turkey hunting season and try turkey fanning. Although relatively new to the mainstream of hunting media it’s a tradition

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turkey hunting safety February 14, 2016

Turkey Hunting Safety

The first rule of hunting is always safety and in this case turkey hunting safety.

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20 gauge to hunt turkeys January 7, 2016

20 Gauge to Hunt Turkeys

Can I use a 20 Gauge to Hunt Turkeys? Yes, yes, yes. I grew up in a family that was

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